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High Quality Services

Machine and Facility

CNC Automatic Lathe・・115  units  (as of Mar 2024)

  • Continuous processing for high accuracy and complex shape parts
    by Swiss Type CNC automatic lathe

  • Cutting work of parts for broad range of products such as vehicle,
    medical device, light electric appliance, HDD, Watch, etc.

Centrifugal barrel polishing machine・・4 units

  • Surface polishing and deburr processing for machined parts

  • Polishing and grinding large quantity parts in short time


Electroless Ni plating…For SUS, Steel

  • Electroless Ni plating for metal parts such as Machined (cut) parts, Cold forming parts.

  • The feature is easy to control and keep uniform (even) of plating thickness.

  • Guaranteed plating thickness to customer's required spec. by our latest film thickness meter

Chemical Polishing Facility

  • This makes possible to remove minimal burr of stainless parts and to put a glaze on.

Clean room with latest precision pure water cleaning machine

  • This makes possible to inspect by LPC and pack parts in Class 100 room after washing and drying parts using the ultra pure water.